Bunny & Me
A Hop, Skip & Jump Away 

April 8th 
9:00-11:00 am 

Event Details

How much does the event cost?

$10 paid through Cash App or dropped in bucket at event. 

Who is taking the pictures and how will I receive them?

Sommer Holden of SoHo Photography will email you a digital picture with rights to share or order prints. 

Who benefits from the proceeds?

All proceeds will be given to the Bethlehem House, here in Conway. 

Does the background and bunny look like the picture?

It is the same building, but it will be decorated for Easter and the Bunny will be "real".

How will the event be coordinated?

Vehicles will turn on Watkins Street from College Avenue and then turn right on Martin Street. Vehicles will form a line until it's their turn to take pictures with the Easter Bunny. Family members wishing to take their picture will be asked to step out of the vehicle and stand on the spot reserved at least 6 feet away from the Easter Bunny. Mrs. Sommer will then step up and take the picture. 

Will there be any physical contact?

No, we are taking every precaution to ensure this will be a no contact event. But, you will receive lots of smiles and waves! 

Event participants will be asked to enter by turning on Watkins Street from College Avenue and then making a right on Martin Street. Vehicles will exit onto Donaghey Avenue.