Our Curriculum

Legacy will not only focus on a curriculum that is designed for your child's age, but will also place an importance on taking care of our environment by teaching the children about recycling and using natural based cleaners. 

Connecting with Infants

The curriculum focuses on responsive care and positive relationships between caregivers and infants, an environment that is nurturing, safe, healthy and inviting for infants and positive relationships with families.

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Adventures for Toddlers

Each toddler topic is introduced with children’s books. Some of the books are familiar ones that can be purchased while others can be made by the teachers. The curriculum is flexible, allowing teachers to choose from the 30 toddler topics and to decide how long to explore a topic with children. Many of the experiences in each topic are designated for either younger toddlers (YT) or older toddlers (OT) or for both. 

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Curiosity Corner 

Imagine preschool classrooms in which children are expanding their vocabularies and building math, science, art, music and interpersonal skills. They do it by playing games, singing songs, hearing stories and making up their own, engaging in make believe and much more. Join Curiosity Cat, Chilly the Penguin and Squeaky the Squirrel as they introduce students to concepts and skills that help them talk, imagine and discover!

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Curiosity Corner Bi-Weekly Topics

Unit 1: Welcome to Curiosity Corner
Unit 2: Marvelous Me
Unit 3: Family Matters
Unit 4: Places and Faces in Communities
Unit 5: Fall into Fall
Unit 6: To Market, To Market
Unit 7: Many Thanks
Unit 8: Express Yourself
Unit 9: Winter Wonders
Unit 10: Healthy Me
Unit 11: Here We Go, Transportation
Unit 12: Baa-Baa, Moo-Moo, Woof, Meow
Unit 13: Wild and Woolly
Unit 14: Swing into Spring
Unit 15: Roots and Shoots
Unit 16: Around the World
Unit 17: Our Big, Beautiful Earth
Unit 18: Splash into Summer

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