-feeling or showing love or great care.

In Honor of Bro. Clary Henning & Ann Elizabeth Welborn

6 weeks - 9 months

Our Infant program is designed to foster the daily development of the youngest in our care. Teachers will work with parents to make the transition a smooth and happy time, creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like family. 

Connecting with Infants

Connecting with Infants is a comprehensive curriculum for infants from birth through eighteen months. The curriculum was developed through a contract with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.


Your baby's individualized schedule will be followed.  

Classroom Information

Drop Off: At this stage drop off is probably going to be harder on the parent than the baby. Usually, the infant can be anywhere from 0 to 7 months old and needs to be cared for and comforted, but it’s unlikely the baby will experience separation anxiety. The infant should transition quite easily to their teacher,  but the parent may be the one experiencing separation anxiety. Over time, you will find you become more comfortable with it. It will be helpful to make a short drop off plan and prepare yourself to stick with it from the first day.

Communication: Communication through messages, pictures, videos and detailed daily logs are all important ways to build the relationship between teachers and parents and for parents to know how their child is doing throughout the day. The Brightwheel App will be used to give you these updates. Most updates will be in real time, but please understand that on the occasion, there could be times when it's updated later.  

Diapers: Diapers will be physically checked every hour and changed if needed. In the between times, we will rely on the smell check.

Sleeping: Infants may not have pillows, stuffed animals, bibs, paci holders, thick bedding, necklaces or garments with ties in crib (* 1003.6 & 1003.7). If your baby is used to sleeping with one of these, we ask that you begin preparing him/her for this transition. Swaddling will only be allowed until the age of 3months (*1003.5). 

Feedings: Your schedule  will be followed for bottles and baby food. As schedule changes, please send written communication to your child's teacher. Legacy will provide infant water. Parents will be responsible for formula and baby food.  

Note from Owner: I am thankful for all our beautiful differences and the way we all see the world. These differences make for changes going from home to class for your child and you as a parent, but I promise you the one thing that won't change is how much we each love your child and your family. Kindest regards, Brandy 

Teaching Team


Teaching Team

Bro. Clary Henning & Ann Elizabeth Welborn