-displaying kindness and concern for others.

Rev. Kevin & Donna Lyon

2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Years

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to position students to excel in kindergarten, focusing on mastering kindergarten-level science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematic skills. Technology is incorporated into the classroom with tablets and SMART Boards, allowing teachers to engage children in meaningful activities that reinforce academic lessons.  


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7-8: Free Choice Center Play
8-8:30: Breakfast
9-9:30: Circle Time
9:30-10:15: Free Choice Center Play
10:15-10:45: Outside Play
10:45-11: Prepare for Lunch
11-11:30: Lunch
11:30-12:00: Prepare for Nap
12-2: Nap
2-2:30: Snack
2:30-4: Outside Play
4-5:30: Free Choice Choice Center Play

*If children cannot go outside due to weather, they may choose table activities or center play.
**Mrs. Rae Lynn comes for story time on Thursdays at 9:00am. 
***Miss. Laura comes for music lessons on Thursdays at 2:30pm. 
****Schedule will fluctuate to accommodate this.

Classroom Information

Drop-Off: To get the most of our curriculum and activities, we ask that your child be here by 9am on a regular occasion. We understand that there will be times when this is not possible. Please let your child's teacher know when you'll be arriving after 9. Separation anxiety is common, not that that's any comfort when you have a clinger on your hands…or around your neck. Just remember to stay positive. Don’t let on that you’re worried or waiting for trouble at the drop-off. Instead, appear completely confident that your child will separate easily — say good-bye cheerfully and matter-of-factly. Then walk out without a backward glance (tough, but necessary). 

Communication: Communication through messages, pictures, videos and daily logs are all important ways to build the relationship between teachers and parents and for parents to know how their child is doing throughout the day. We understand the joy that these things can bring you when you're away from your child. It will always be our best effort to communicate with you on a regular and timely matter, but please understand and show grace when we can't do that because we our playing with, chasing around, teaching or giving our undivided attention to the little ones in our care. We will update as soon as possible, sometimes that means when your precious ones are sleeping. Messages will be answered as soon as possible. If you need an immediate response, please text or call Mrs. Brandy. 

Potty Training: 
We want to play a role in your child's potty training adventure. Parents should be sensitive to the needs of a child care provider, who is most likely watching other kids as well and who must keep hygiene, cleanliness, and practicality as considerations to the training process as well.

Toys from Home:

Ms. Miranda & Ms. Lexie


Teaching Team

Rev. Kevin & Donna Lyon